1. Defeat the Indominus Goons, 1st Encounter
  2. Defeat the Indominus Goons, 2nd Encounter
  3. Defeat the Ravenous Dragon
  4. Enter the Indominus Lair
  5. Defeat Spinosaurus in Battle
  6. Enter the Indominus Hallway
  7. Defeat Tropeogopterus in Battle
  8. Defeat Giganocephalus in Battle
  9. Enter the Indominus Dungeon
  10. Defeat Pachyceratops in Battle
  11. Enter the Indominus Hideout
  12. Defeat Diplotator in Battle
  13. Defeat Suchoripterus in Battle
  14. Enter the Top of the Indominus Castle
  15. Defeat Indominus Rex in Final Battle
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