Jurassic World: The Game is an application produced by Ludia in 2015. It is a construction and management simulation game in which the player builds and mantains the Jurassic World park from Jurassic World.


During the game the player must build Jurassic World by adding dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals which can be obtained via special card packs or by buying them. In order to buy a dinosaur, however, the player must unlock it by completing a challenge in the Arena. There are also many missions given by the main characters and missions that are for a limited time which can grant the player resources.


Returning from Jurassic Park: Builder is the Arena mode, where players can create a team of up to three prehistoric creatures and fight against other creatures. Unlike the previous game, the fighting engine has been completely revamped. A player can choose to either attack, defend or reserve a move during any one turn and any reserved moves are added to the next turn, for a maximum of eight moves in a turn. The more attacks that are performed in one turn, the greater the damage caused. In addition, the creatures are divided into different "types", each with a strength and weakness to another.

Jurassic World: The Game/Battle Stages

Jurassic World: The Game/Tournament Battle Stages

Land TypesEdit

  • Carnivores are strong against Herbivores, but weak to Amphibians. They are represented almost entirely by theropod dinosaurs, as well as some Synapsids.
  • Herbivores are strong against Pterosaurs, but weak to Carnivores. With the exception of Ornithomimids and Therizinosaurids, they are represented entirely by non-theropod dinosaurs.
  • Pterosaurs are strong against Amphibians, but weak to Herbivores. As the name suggests, they are represented by several species of large Pterosaur, with some smaller ones.
  • Amphibians are strong against Carnivores, but weak to Pterosaurs. Although mostly represented by large amphibians, various Archosaurs are also featured in this group.

Aquatic TypesEdit

  • Surface are strong against Caves, but weak against Reef. This was the first type released, as the Mosasaurus was released prior to the Aquatic Park update. It is represented by mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and shark-like fish.
  • Reef are strong against Surface, but weak against Caves. Represented by pliosaurs and turtle-like creatures, it is currently the only type represented entirely by marine reptiles.
  • Caves are strong against Reef, but weak against Surface. This type is mainly represented by non-Tetrapods such as fish and molluscs, but also features crocodile-like reptiles.


Each of the following characters plays a role in park development in the game. They contribute to the on-going story and/or offer missions to complete.

Name Job
Owen Grady Raptor Trainer
Vic Hoskins Head Security
Claire Dearing Park Manager
Simon Masrani Park Owner
Dr. Henry Wu Chief Scientist
Lowery Park Employee
Barry Raptor Trainer
Dr. Hank Freeman Paleontologist
Zara Claire's assistant
Zach Visitor
Gray Visitor
Patricia Cheung Grad Student
Doug Malick Park Employee
Grace Hudson Park Employee

Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures and HybridsEdit

All dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and hybrids available to create.

Attention: We are in need of the new card pictures from the latest version with all the dinosaurs DNA cost (this also counts for each dinosaurs' page), their hatching times (hrs, mins and secs) and their DNA costs.

Name Unlocked (in market) by Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA) Hatching time (h:m:s)
Triceratops Already unlocked Herbivore Common 100 00:02:00
Majungasaurus Beating battle stage 1 Carnivore Common 110 00:03:00
Alanqa Beating battle stage 2 Pterosaur Common 120 00:08:00
Limnoscelis Beating battle stage 3 Amphibian Common 130 00:10:00
Argentinosaurus Beating battle stage 4 Herbivore Common 160 00:15:00
Diplodocus Beating battle stage 5 Herbivore Rare 750 03:33:00
Tropeognathus Beating battle stage 6 Pterosaur Common 180 00:06:00
Utahraptor Beating battle stage 7 Carnivore Common 200 00:30:00
Carnotaurus Beating battle stage 8 Carnivore Rare 730 03:22:00
Labyrinthodontia Beating battle stage 9 Amphibian Common 130 00:18:00
Tapejara Beating battle stage 10 Pterosaur Rare 670 02:50:00
Koolasuchus Beating battle stage 11 Amphibian Rare 610 02:21:00
Stegosaurus Beating battle stage 12 Herbivore Super Rare 1,500 11:10:00
Stegoceratops Fusing Stegosaurus Lvl. 40 and Triceratops Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Herbivore Super Rare 8,960 16:40:00
Hatzegopteryx Beating battle stage 13 Pterosaur Common 200 00:29:00
Guanlong Beating battle stage 14 Carnivore Common 170 00:23:00
Diplocaulus Beating battle stage 15 Amphibian Common 190 00:27:00
Quetzalcoatlus Beating battle stage 16 Pterosaur Super Rare 1,350 09:03:00
Tuojiangosaurus Beating battle stage 17 Herbivore Common 130 00:20:00
Nasutoceratops Beating battle stage 18 Herbivore Rare 550 01:53:00
Tyrannosaurus Rex Beating battle stage 19 Carnivore Legendary 3,750 2 Days
Ankylosaurus Beating battle stage 20 Herbivore Super Rare 1,200 07:09:00
Ankylodocus Fusing Ankylosaurus Lvl. 40 and Diplodocus Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Herbivore Super Rare 10,920 24:00:00
Metriorhynchus Beating battle stage 21 Amphibian Super Rare 1,400 09:44:00
Pteranodon Beating battle stage 22 Pterosaur Legendary 2,910 1 Day
Velociraptor Beating battle stage 23 Carnivore Super Rare 1,500 11:10:00
Indominus Rex Fusing Tyrannosaurus Rex Lvl. 40 and Velociraptor Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Legendary 29,400 6 Days
Pelecanimimus Beating battle stage 24 Herbivore Common 170 00:26:00
Pelecanipteryx Fusing Pelecanimimus Lvl. 40 and Hatzegopteryx Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Pterosaur Common 2,030 01:46:00
Spinosaurus Beating battle stage 25 Carnivore Super Rare 1,500 11:10:00
Spinoraptor Fusing Spinosaurus Lvl. 40 and Utahraptor Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Super Rare 9,520 19:50:00
Bonitasaura Beating battle stage 26 Herbivore Common 150 00:20:00
Allosaurus Beating battle stage 27 Carnivore Rare 500 01:35:00
Supersaurus Beating battle stage 28 Herbivore Super Rare 1,400 09:44:00
Dimetrodon Beating battle stage 29 Carnivore Legendary 3,610 2 Days
Sarcosuchus Beating battle stage 30 Amphibian Legendary 3,050 1 Day

Fusing Koolasuchus Lvl. 40 and Sarcosuchus Lvl. 40

Amphibian Legendary 20,500 3 Days
Coloborhynchus Beating battle stage 31 Pterosaur Common 140 00:19:00

Fusing Limnoscelis Lvl. 40 and Coloborhynchus Lvl. 40

Hybrid/Pterosaur Common 1,490 01:01:00
Corythosaurus Beating battle stage 32 Herbivore Rare 630 02:30:00
Dilophosaurus Beating battle stage 33 Carnivore Rare 690 03:00:00
Dsungaripterus Beating battle stage 34 Pterosaur Rare 560 01:59:00
Euoplocephalus Beating battle stage 35 Herbivore Super Rare 1,000 04:58:00
Gallimimus Beating battle stage 36 Herbivore Rare 580 02:05:00
Zhejiangopterus Beating battle stage 37 Pterosaur Super Rare 1,100 06:00:00
Tropeogopterus Fusing Tropeognathus Lvl. 40 and Zhejiangopterus Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Pterosaur Super Rare 7,130 11:58:00
Ichthyostega Beating battle stage 38 Amphibian Legendary 3,330 2 Days
Giganotosaurus Beating battle stage 39 Carnivore Rare 520 01:41:00

Fusing Giganotosaurus Lvl. 40 and Euoplocephal'us Lvl. 40

Hybrid/Herbivore Super Rare 8,490 14:07:00
Irritator Beating battle stage 40 Carnivore Rare 530 01:47:00

Fusing Diplocaulus Lvl. 40 and Irritator Lvl. 40

Hybrid/Amphibian Rare 4,000 04:55:00
Ostafrikasaurus Beating battle stage 41 Carnivore Legendary 3,190 1 Day
Parasaurolophus Beating battle stage 42 Herbivore Super Rare 1,200 07:09:00
Rajasaurus Beating battle stage 43 Carnivore Super Rare 1,300 08:23:00
Pachycephalosaurus Beating battle stage 44 Herbivore Rare 590 02:12:00
Pachyceratops Fusing Pachycephalosaurus Lvl. 40 and Nasutoceratops Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Herbivore Rare 6,360 08:07:00
Unaysaurus Beating battle stage 45 Herbivore Legendary 2,770 1 Day
Tyrannotitan Beating battle stage 46 Carnivore Rare 710 03:11:00
Suchomimus Beating battle stage 47 Carnivore Legendary 2,630 1 Day
Suchoripterus Fusing Suchomimus Lvl. 40 and Dsungaripterus Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Pterosaur Legendary 17,900 2 Days
Pyroraptor Beating battle stage 48 Carnivore Rare 650 02:40:00
Carnoraptor Fusing Carnotaurus Lvl. 40 and Pyroraptor Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Rare 7,730 12:00:00
Prionosuchus Beating battle stage 49 Amphibian Legendary 3,470 2 Days
Priotrodon Fusing Prionosuchus Lvl. 40 and Dimetrodon Lvl. 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Legendary
Microposaurus Beating battle stage 50 Amphibian Legendary 2,500 1 Day

Fusing Ostafrikasaurus Lvl. 40 and Microposaurus Lvl. 40

Hybrid/Amphibian Legendary 31,870 6 Days
Ophiacodon Beating battle stage 51 Carnivore Rare 780 03:33:00
Shunosaurus Beating battle stage 53 Herbivore Legendary 3,100 2 Days
Monolophosaurus Beating battle stage 55 Carnivore Rare 850 04:18:00
Dimorphodon Beating battle stage 57 Pterosaur Legendary 3,600 2 Days
Therizinosaurus Beating battle stage 59 Herbivore Legendary 3,500 2 Days
Antarctopelta Win an Antarctopelta Pack in a Antarctopelta Tournament Herbivore Legendary 7,000 9 Days
Megalosaurus Win a Megalosaurus Pack in a Megalosaurus Tournament Carnivore Legendary 7,000 9 Days
Kaprosuchus Beating battle stage 61 Amphibian Super Rare 1,600 12:10:00
Scaphognathus Beating battle stage 63 Pterosaur Legendary 3,700 2 Days
Nundasuchus Beating battle stage 65 Amphibian Rare 700 07:32:00
Troodon Win a Troodon Pack in a Troodon​ Tournament Carnivore Legendary 7,500 10 Days
Ceratosaurus Win a Ceratosaurus Pack in a Ceratosaurus​ Tournament Carnivore Legendary 6,500 8 Days
Deinocheirus Win a Deinocheirus Pack in a Deinocheirus​ Tournament Herbivore Legendary 5,500 5 Days
Rhamphorhynchus Beating battle stage 67 Pterosaur Rare 750 03:32:00
Postosuchus Beating battle stage 70 Amphibian Super Rare 1,650 12:41:00
Gorgosaurus Win a Gorgosaurus Pack in a Gorgosaurus​ Tournament Carnivore Legendary 6,000 6 Days
Pachyrhinosaurus Buy a Earth WWF Pack for 49.99 USD Herbivore Legendary 6,750 8 Days
Kentrosaurus Buy a Earth WWF Pack for 49.99 USD Herbivore Legendary 6,000 6 Days
Name Unlocked (in market) by Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA) Hatching time (d:h:m)
Mosasaurus Previously won in a Mosasaurus Pack in the Mosasaurus Tournament (Was available for a limited time for $99.99 USD). Currently available in the Aquatic Pack. Surface Legendary 5,000 4 Days
Dunkleosteus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Dunkleosteus Pack. Cave Legendary 4,200 3 Days
Leptocleidus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Leptocleidus Pack. Reef Super Rare 2,150 10:19:00
Megalodon Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Megalodon Pack. Surface Legendary 4,600 4 Days
Styxosaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Styxosaurus Pack. Surface Legendary 4,800 4 Days
Ammonite Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Ammonite Pack. Cave Legendary 4,000 3 Days
Dakosaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Dakosaurus Pack. Cave Super Rare 2,000 08:48:00
Kronosaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Kronosaurus Pack. Reef Legendary 4,400 3 Days
Prognathodon Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Prognathodon Pack. Surface Super Rare 2,250 11:57:00
Psephoderma Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Psephoderma Pack. Reef Super Rare 3,000 13:46:00
Xiphactinus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Xiphactinus Pack. Cave Super Rare 2,500 12:41:00
Plesiosaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Plesiosaurus Pack. Surface Legendary 4,500 3 Days
Trinacromerum Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Trinacromerum Pack. Reef Super Rare 2,500 12:41:00
Archelon Win an Archelon Pack in a Archelon Tournament. Reef Legendary 4,000 12 Days
Liopleurodon Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Liopleurodon Pack. Reef Legendary 4,500 3 Days
Baculites Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Baculites Pack. Cave Super Rare ? 13:46:00
Geosaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Geosaurus Pack. Cave Super Rare ? 13:29:00
Helicoprion Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Helicoprion Pack. Surface Super Rare ? 12:41:00
Mauisaurus Currently available in the Aquatic Pack and the Mauisaurus Pack. Surface Super Rare ? 12:41:00